Communication Division

Amanda Jemeyson, Supervisor
Dispatch 1

Telecommunication Officers are the lifeline of the Sheriff’s Office. 

The Communications Division has 10 full time Telecommunication Officers.

They are responsible for communication via radio with the field officers for the Sheriff's Office, Ingram Police Department and all Volunteer Fire Departments. In addition, our Telecommunication Officers facilitate Texas Parks and Wildlife officers, United States Border Patrol units, Adult Probation Officers and often this region's Department of Public Safety Troopers. Communication personnel answer emergency, non-emergency, 911, and crime-stopper tips. They prioritize incoming calls and dispatch field units as needed. The communication division is the first link between Kerr County citizens in need and field units who can help resolve the problem. They maintain accurate records of all shift activity via computer systems and radio logs. Telecommunication Officers are also responsible for all Texas Law Enforcement Teletype System (TLETS) correspondence, warrant entries, warrant confirmations, protective order entry, administrative message, drivers license inquiries, vehicle registrations, etc. In case of emergencies or natural disasters the Communications Division will put out the notification through "CODE RED". See the link on home page for enrollment for this.